Why simulations?
Simulations are models of the real world. Sometimes they help visualizing effects that would be difficult to observe otherwise, or very hard to replicate. They help understanding complex relationships and should be part of any decision making progress.
What do we offer?
We offer an infrastructure that can quickly simulate multiple scenarios in a short amount of time. On top of that, we offer expertise in 5G and other technologies to help you identify the key performance indicators for your custom simulation scenarios.
What are the benefits?
Trusting the experts at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS will not only shorten the time to market for your product, it will also enable you to run the simulations on their server farm. This enables our customers to cut down on investment costs, as well as time.
How can I get started?
Some ready to-use simulation tools are available as Simulation Apps, or SimApps for short. They can be run from within any web browser and do not require any further implementation or installation. They provide an interface where the user can choose the parameters of the simulations and run as many as needed. Once those simulations have been finished, there will be a comprehensive report ready to be downloaded.
How easy is it?
Choose your parameters. Run as many simulations as you need. Get a comprehensive report when all simulations are completed.
How can simulations benefit the 5G community?
5G is the forefront of technological development. Coming up with new business models to open up new markets here is both easy and hard; it offers limitless possibilities, but, at the same time, there lots of competitors to consider. What is more: Millions of customers are already using the existing infrastructure. A wrong decision here could not only result in loss of revenue but also in the loss of customer acceptance. With simulations, the problems can be visualized and counteracted, before they happen.